Gladys Anna Guañez

Amazon PPC Specialist Amazon PPC Ads Campaign Manager

Helping Amazon FBA Sellers Avoid Wasting Ad Spend by Optimizing their Amazon PPC Campaigns

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About Me

Gladys Anna Guañez - About Me


I help Amazon FBA Sellers avoid wasting ad spend by optimizing their Amazon PPC Campaigns to decrease ACOS and increase ROAS.


I partner with Amazon FBA Sellers to help them get more sales, and avoid wasting ad spend on bleeding keywords and campaigns. In a nutshell, I help them turn their Amazon PPC Ads into the asset they should be.


  • Optimizing product listing for Amazon SEO purposes for organic keyword indexing

  • Monitoring campaign bleeders and optimizing campaign budget

  • Updating negative keywords and negative ASINs

  • Analyzing customer search term reports for keyword mining and targeting

  • Analyzing overall campaign performance and making campaign decisions based on goals

  • Tracking inventory sales velocity for inventory management and control

  • Creating profitability reports from both organic and PPC sales to see the overall profit

Basically, the primary purpose of Amazon SEO and PPC is to increase the product's sales in order for it to rank higher, then earn more overall profit from that.

About My Process


  • We will meet via Zoom to discuss your specific situation and what you're trying to achieve.

  • If it's a good fit, we'll create a plan of action for you that will include the campaign focus, strategy, proposed timeline, deliverables, and investment options.

  • If you say yes, we'll go ahead and start the project.


To better understand what I can help you with, I offer a Last 60-Day Full Amazon PPC Audit for the campaigns you are already running. You may apply my recommendations yourself or hire someone to help you implement them.

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Want to Work with Me?

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We offer a FREE 30-Minute Deep Dive Consultation Call to understand your specific situation and what you're trying to achieve.

Let's have a chat so we'd know exactly how we can help you. That way, we can give you a customized plan of action that matches your needs and goals.